Claimants are now required to file for unemployment online we do not accept paper applications anymore.  There are a
few thing that a claimant needs before they can start a claim on the computer.  They need an email address and they
must sign up for direct deposit so they need their bank routing number and with their checking or saving account number
whichever account they want to get their benefits in.  

If your members don't have a bank account I believe they can obtain an free "debt card" from Walmart and get a routing
number by calling the phone number on the back of the card and asking for one. If your members don't have access to a
computer or need help using a computer they can come into the Waipahu Office with their required information (email,
account #s) and we computer in the office they can use as well as someone available to assist them.  

But other than that your members would go online to and click on the left tab (Claimant Services)
if they don't have an account (first time ever on the site) they must register with our site first.  Creating a username,
answering and creating some security question and they will get a temporary password emailed to them.  Then they are to
log back in and click on the Initial Claim tab to start a new claim.  If the member is still employed full time with their
employer they will be on a partial claim, they would choose temporary layoff partial claim under reason for separation.

A partial claimant is not required to look for work or register with their union as they will be going back to work with their
current employer once work picks up again.  With a partial claim a form
UC-348 Verification of Partial Unemployment
Status is required from the employer this form is to be printed out by the claimant if they do their new claim in their own, if
they come into our office after they are done with the computer we check to make sure they did it correctly and give them
the form.

Also the employers are required to enter the Weekly Low Earnings Reports online.  If the member is part-time still
employed they would be considered part-total claim, they are required to look for work/register with union.  If the member
is no longer attached with employer (laid off due to lack of work/discharged/quit) they are considered a total claim need to
register with union.  If members to their claims on there own it is important that they read thru the confirmation page and
print out all necessary forms.  Hope this clears up things don't know if I missed anything kinda lost my train of thought.   

Thank you,
Clint (Waipahu Office)
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